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Process of Amendment under LLP Agreement

Process of Amendment under LLP Agreement

An LLP is a versatile and widely embraced business structure that melds the liability protection of a corporation with the operational adaptability of a partnership. These costs can range widely, contingent on the specific nature of the business, but they all share a common thread: they are essential for the efficient functioning of the business. LLP Agreement involves making changes to the original terms and conditions agreed upon by the partners. This process can be crucial for accommodating new partners, changes in business direction, financial arrangements, or operational structures.

Reasons for Changing an LLP Agreement

Changes to an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) agreement via Form LLP3 are typically driven by a variety of reasons reflecting the evolving needs and circumstances of the business and its partners. Each of these reasons reflects the dynamic nature of business operations and the necessity for LLPs to remain flexible and responsive to internal and external changes. Form LLP3 facilitates the formal process of recording and registering these changes with the Registrar of Companies. Here are some common reasons for making such changes:

  1. Expansion or Modification of Business Activities
  2. Addition or Removal of Partners
  3. Change in Capital Contribution
  4. Reallocation of Profit Sharing Ratios
  5. Change in Registered Office
  6. Change in Management Structure
  7. Change in Remuneration and Compensation
  8. Introduction of New Clauses
  9. Change in LLP Term Duration

Steps for Amendment in LLP Agreement

Amending an LLP agreement involves a systematic approach to ensure compliance with legal requirements and proper documentation. Here is an organized step-by-step guide to amend the LLP agreement using Form LLP3:

  • Convene a meeting with all partners and Pass a resolution approving the amendments.
  • Ensure the resolution is documented in the minutes of the meeting.
  • Based on the approved resolution, draft the supplementary LLP agreement that incorporates the amendments.
  • Pay the stamp duty to ensure the agreement is legally enforceable.
  • All partners must sign the amended LLP agreement to confirm its validity.
  • Ensure that at least two witnesses attest to the signatures of the partners.
  • Complete the form (Form LLP3) with details of the amendments and the resolution passed.
  • Upon satisfactory review, the ROC will register the amendments and update the LLP’s records.
  • Keep copies of the acknowledgment and the updated LLP agreement.

Details to be filed in Form-3

  • Changes or Modification in LLP Agreement
  • Reasons for change in Agreement
  • Change in LLP Business
  • Change in Composition of LLP Partners
  • Changes in  the ratio of profit/loss between the LLP partners

Other important Changes

  • Mutual Rights and Duties of Partners
  • Restrictions, if any, on the partners’ authority
  • Management and Administration of LLP
  • Details of indemnity clause
  • Information relating to duration of LLP
  • Information relating to voluntary winding up

Attach the following documents to Form LLP3

  • The amended LLP agreement.
  • A copy of the resolution passed by the partners. 
  • Consent Letters (if applicable).
  • Supporting Documents for Specific Changes (if applicable).

Change relating to partners

  • Admission of a new partner
  • Retirement of a partner
  • Cessation of a partner
  • Expulsion of a partner
  • Resignation of a partner

Resolving Dispute between

  • Partners
  • Partners and the LLP

Key Points to Remember

  • Form LLP3 file within 30 days of making the amendments to avoid penalties.
  • Ensure that all changes comply with the LLP Act, 2008, and other relevant laws.
  • Consider consulting with a legal or financial advisor to ensure that the amendments are properly drafted and compliant with legal requirements.


Completing the amendment process for an LLP agreement using Form LLP3 ensures that all changes are legally recognized and properly documented. Always ensure that the amendment process is handled with due diligence to avoid any legal complications or penalties.

By following these steps, you will successfully amend your LLP agreement, reflecting the changes agreed upon by all partners and ensuring that the updated agreement is legally binding and officially registered with the Registrar of Companies.

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