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Trademark Registration Starting From Rs. 8,499/-

Trademark identify the brand of particular firm, company. Trademark is only on particular symbol. If a company have trademark of his symbol and name no other person can use that symbol. Some important documents for registration of trademark is logo, address proof, identity proof and Signed Form-48.

Through company suggestion you can easily register your trademark with lower cost. With the help of company suggestion you can find availability of trademark name. Company suggestion provides the facility of trademark from filing to handling of objections.

Trademark Services


Trademark is a word, device, symbol and logo which is used by any entity, person, and business. Which also helps to differentiate between two or more entity, business which engaged in similar goods and services. Trademark helps to consumers to select their product because consumers are very choosy and they believe to all those goods and services which have better quality, quantity, value etc.

Trademark registration:-

A trademark can be registered by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India under Trademark Act, 1999 to protect the identity of any goods and services.

Trademark Rectification:-

For registration of trademark, trademark applicant makes an application to the registrar, if any information found in application is incorrect, incomplete then examiner would mark the application as formalities check fails and ask  the applicant to rectify the application and further applicant can resubmit the application to registrar after making changes in application for registration.

Trademark Opposition:-

A person can-not register any trademark which is already registered and if anyone register then owner of trademark have right to object such person.Any person who misuses the trademark without the permission of owner of trademark then owner have right to sue against such person who is trying to harm trademark.

License for Trademark:-

Owner of trademark can grant permission to any person to use such trademark for which license shall be provided by owner of trademark for particular time period, area, purpose etc.

Documents attach in trademark application:-

For registration of a trademark following documents are required, such as-

  • Additional representation,
  • Application to registry,
  • Power of attorney on Rs. 100 stamp paperform TM-A.

All documents shall be filled for registration of trademark.

Trademark Renewal:-

Registration of trademark is valid for a period of 10 years. A trademark can be renewed before the expiry of time period for which it granted by making an application to registrar.

Private Limited Company
Basic Features to Read before starting private limited company

Private company is required to add the word “Private limited” or “Pvt. Ltd.” to end of its name. Private company should have at least two member and two directors. Private company have right to issue debentures to any number of persons.

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Public Limited Company
Features of Public Limited Company

MCA provides the facility for incorporation of public limited company. For incorporation, firstly apply for name through RUN (Reserve Unique Name) on MCA portal. After availability of name from ROC we should file incorporation form i.e. Spice 32, INC 33(for eMOA), INC 34(for eAOA), .

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