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Digital signature certificates registration (DSC) are those certificates which provide authentication of a document, papers, etc. Digital signature certificates used for the purpose of signing of E-forms by the individual person for a certain purpose. Digital signature certificates registration issued by a licensed certifying authority. Certifying authority means a person who granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under section 24 of the Indian IT Act, 2000.

Certifying authority provides digital signature certificates within a period of one to three days from the date of providing all documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card, Mobile Number, Email ID, and Sify form, etc. The digital signature is valid for a period of one year to two years.

Some E- forms are required to be signed with the help of digital signature such as MGT-7, AOC-4, CHG-1, CHG-4, etc. DSE should be registered on the MCA portal.

dsc service provider

Basic features of DSC


Documents required for DSC
  • Firstly fill the form of DSC by applicant
  • Required ID proof of an applicant
  • Required address proof of an applicant

E-token is a smart card that is used for store data to DSC. It is an password-protecting device. This token has specially built-in software to recognize DSC data.



A DSC have 2 class


Class-2 DSC is only for individual person which is used for filing an income tax return, GST return, annual filing forms.


Class-3 DSC is only for a special working person. It is the very highest DSC. It is used for e-tender, railway working, etc.



DSC validity is only one year or two years. It is renewal after the expiry of the validity of DSC.

Apply for DSC

There are some major steps for apply DSC

  • Fill necessary documents (class of DSC, applicants contact no, address, GTS number, payments details, etc.)
  • Identity proof copy
  • Address proof copy
  • 2 Passport size photo
  • Video Authentication of Applicant.
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