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All the information you need to know about Partnership Deed Format

When two or more than two individuals come together and make a business entity, they enter into the agreement referred to as the partnership. When such an agreement obtains a written role, it is said to be known as a partnership deed.

Define a Partnership Deed

It is a written legal document that specifies the rights and control of the Partnership firm members, making the profits and losses and other important decisions to each of the partners.

Required documents  for registering  the Partnership Deed

Here is the list of documents that are to be submitted for registering the partnership deed:

  • Partner’s identity proof.
  • E-stamp paper of the prescribed amount.
  • Aadhaar numbers of all partners.
  • Registration fee.
  • Two passport photos of each business partner.

Purpose behind the creation of Partnership deed

Being written in nature, the partnership agreement is very reliable than any other agreement. The importance of a deed can be put in the following points as given below:

  • Being legal, this document offers well-defined and crystal-clear guidelines and rules for conducting the agreement.
  • Limits the confusion due to its clarity in outlining all the specific details.
  • In case of disputes and settlements, the deed makes the process of the events very lucid.
  • The precise yet clear nature of the agreement makes each member role in the firm straightforward and unambiguous.

Steps of drafting the Partnership Deed

  • Draft agreement.
  • Obtaining E-stamp paper.
  • Sign the deed.
  • Getting the deed attested from the notary or getting its registered.

Benefits after registering a Partnership

  • Right to file a lawsuit.
  • Protecting the interest.
  • Safeguarding the investors and creditors.
  • Safeguarding the business and production.
  • Receive credits and loans from bank.


A partnership deed documents help to ensures that both parties do not disagree, conflict over the partnership norms. If you have any doubt regarding this, you can contact companysuggestion.

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