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Electronic way (E-way) bill is a bill which is generated for the specific transfer goods from one place to another. The e-way bill is generated when the amount of goods is Rs. 50,000 and above and transfer to another state/ city or within city.When e-Way Bill is generated, an e-Way Bill Number (EBN) is made available to the supplier, recipient and the transporter.E-way bill is generated on the official site of e-way bill that is ewaybillgst.gov.in

Some key points of e-way bill are listed below-
  1. Who generate e-way bill

For registered person under GST,it is necessary to make e-way billwhen he transfer a goods from one place to another by railway, road way and air way. If the e-way bill is not generated then it is the transporter who generates the e-way bill and mention all the details regarding goods and vehicle in e-way bill. In the case of unregistered person a transporter make the e-way bill while transferring the goods. When an unregistered person transfer goods to registered person and a registered person known to unregistered person than all the formalities is done by registered person and transporter.

  1. When e-way bill generate

E-way bill is generate when any goods valued Rs.50,000 and above transfer from one place to another by roadway, railway, waterway and airway, whether goods aretransferred interstate or intrastate.

  1. Details mention in e-way bill

In e-way bill following details are mention such as-

  • Vehicle number
  • Date of transfer goods
  • Amount of goods
  • Tax rate
  • GST number of supplier and receiver
  • Name of business of supplier and receiver.
  • Document number
  • HSN Code
  • Distance (in km)
  • Place of delivery
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